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Food and beverage



Hajar Group began as a local food trading company. Our enterprise in food trading has been stretching for 22 years now and throughout this time our devoted team of food trading experts have been agile to cover Middle-Eastern and Central and South Asian countries. We supply foodstufs in bulk quantities to the Iraqi market, the Iraqi and Kurdistan governments, the private sector and non-governmental and humanitarian organizations. The consumer based economy in which we operate has been particularly advantageous to our trading activities. Contributing to the Iraqi government food ration program supply has been one of our long-term and ongoing food trading operations and our logistics portfolio has marked our success in this business. We own a number of warehouses across Iraq and a feet of trucks which are always ready to deliver cargo to their destinations. The legacy of Hajar group in the food business has earned it a vast network of national and international authentic relations. We value each and every one of our relations founded on mutual credence and are eager to form new ones to allow our operations to cover even more areas. We take pride in our history and seek to seize the future by monitoring our performance, ensuring customer satisfaction and introducing operation enhancing tools into our system on a constant basis. The range of food products we trade extends a long way. We are particularly specialized in cereals, cooking oils, four, canned foods and nuts. Hajar Group assigns the highest priority to ensuring product quality which is part of our commercial strategy as well as our commitment toward the communities we operate in.

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