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Quick and Sure Company

Quick and Sure is an authorized company to provide visa and residency facilitation service to all foreign visitors to Kurdistan and Iraq. We combine our vast local experience with our professional and understanding of the needs and concerns of the international market to deliver excellent service.

Our track record has won widespread reputation in the region, allowing us to establish ourselves as the preferred supplier of the local and international market needs. Our team of experts have a wide network of connections with the local institutions and are uniquely positioned to facilitate visa and residency requirements in the country.

















Kurdistan and Iraq are a largely untapped market offering immense potential and opportunities. Our vision is to contribute to the country’s development and its need for external investment and expertise by becoming the preferred visa and immigration service provider helping our clients navigate through the often challenging and complex legal and regulatory structures.



Quick and Sure helps individuals and businesses with all their immigration and visa needs. Our team consists of legal experts who provide consultancy to our clients about Kurdistan and Iraq’s visa and immigration requirements and conditions. Our specialists manage the entire visa application process from start to finish to save our clients’ valuable time. Quick and Sure provides a full package of services of printing, translation, photo studio، compiling the required documents and completing the application process as quickly as possible.



Whether it is about acquiring a visa, a residency permits or any other travel requirement, our internationally trained multi-lingual staff and experts that have decades’ worth of combined experience across different industries and sectors are ready to help.

Quick and Sure service fees are transparent and competitive. There are no hidden fees and we pride ourselves in our professionalism and honesty.