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Oula Al Nuha

Oula Al-Nuha Overview

Oula Al-Nuha was formed in 2009 and in a short span of time became one of Iraq’s leading int grated crude and refined products trading companies.

Oula Al-Nuha, in the larger scope, is an international commodity trader and has at its disposal all the elements that allow for institutionalized international trade. Oula Al-Nuha is a substantial importer of fuels such as gasoline, gasoil and kerosene and is a key purchaser and exporter of volumes from Kurdistan Regional Government refineries and the national oil allocated portions of hydrocarbons.

Oula Al-Nuha engages in all sectors of the oil industry and delivers services in storage, transportation, trade, supply, refining, retail and distribution. We have a highly skilled global and local workforce and our trading and representation network operate on all continents.


Supply and distribution of petroleum products is the core of Oula Al-Nuha business. Thanks to its assets and established reputation, Oula Al-Nuha is a familiar name with prominent international traders and producers and is able to source its intended supplies with ease and certainty. Oula Al-Nuha engages in spot and term deals with the Mediterranean Sea, Arab Gulf, Caspian Sea and Black Sea traders and is currently supplying a wide range of refined products to retailers, wholesalers, NGOs and other private businesses throughout Iraq and beyond. Furthermore, Oula Al-Nuha engages in supply and purchase deals with Kurdistan Regional Government on a regular basis.

In return, Oula Al-Nuha exports Condensate, Crude and Fuel Oil to the international markets. As part of its logistics portfolio, Oula Al-Nuha has its own storage depots in Iraq and leased storage tanks in international terminals and guarantees quality and quantity to maximum accuracy and excellence.

QUALITY ASSURANCE                                    

The sources of Oula Al-Nuha purchases are some of the most renowned in the global oil industry in terms of product quality assurance. Oula- Al-Nuha delivers its products as procured from these major world suppliers without any manipulation or contamination being allowed. In dealing with Oula Al-Nuha clients are entitled to requesting product samples and conducting their own quality tests.


The fulfillment of contractual supply mandates has been the bedrock to Oula Al-Nuha’s success and growth over time. Sizable quantities of refined products constantly sit in our tanks to guarantee duly delivery and client satisfaction.


  • Gasoline
    1. A-92
    2. A-95
    3. A-98
  • Gas oil
    1. L62
    2. 10 ppm
    3. Light gas oil
  • Crude
  • Kerosene
  • Fuel Oil
  • Naphtha
  • LPG
  • Raffinate
  • Jet Fuel
  • Sulfur

Oula Al-Nuha trades most hydrocarbons. We avail ourselves of the trade enabling facilities that we have at our disposal to meet our clients’ supply needs. Above are the products we have been dealing with in bulk quantities.

The supply of fuels such as gasoline, gasoil and kerosene remains Oula Al-Nuha’s main focus and large quantities of these sit in our tanks constantly.

Oula Al Nuha Services are:

1. Engineering

  • Project Management (Coordination, Time scheduling, Reporting…)
  • Design works from FS through BD, DD to
  • As-Built.
  • P&IDs and all the process Control.
  • Equipment Layout & Equipment foundations.
  • Civil & Structural Parts.
  • Power Distribution Network within 110 KV
  • Power Distribution Systems
  • Instrumentation & Control.

2. Procurement

  • Production Equipment & Accessories.
  • Drilling Equipment and Spares
  • All types of Pumps & Valves, with wide range of Origins, Types, & Metals.
  • Pressure Control Equipment
  • Pipes & Fitting, with wide range of Origins ( American, European, and Asian Origin) with wide range of sizes, metals, types.
  • Steel Plates & Steel Structural Sections from Ukraine, Turkey, USA, & China.


  • Pipeline & Flow line.
  • Steel Storage tanks whatever the design and the purpose of it.
  • Spherical Tanks.
  • Piping & Manifolds ( all type of welding).
  • Steel Structural activities & Pipe Racks.
  • Equipment, Vessels, & Towers installation whatever the size.
  • Electrical & Instrumentation implementation & Testing.
  • Civil & Concrete activities ( all type of Foundations).

4.Commissioning & Start-up, and all required methods of testing and NDT using certified engineers and certified testing laboratories.


The Environment

The contribution of the fossil fuel industry to the climate change and environmental pollution is undeniable. Oula Al-Nuha top management is committed to keeping environmental protection as an organizational priority. The company environmental protection policy emphasizes the importance of protecting biodiversity and ecological balance – a company prime concern which is advised to all personnel through recurrent environmental awareness campaigns.
Oula Al-Nuha has in its plan to kick off a green initiative in 2017, which shall continue for every following year. Additionally, in the same year the company existing HSE policy is set to be upgraded and integrated as part of its ISO Integrated Management System (IMS) – a vital step towards further ensuring the monitoring and mitigation of any environmentally detrimental impact of company operations.



Oula Al Nuha Oil Transportation Service

Oula Al Nuha has been developing its professional transportation service for more than seven years; a rapid growth business that became one of region’s most in-demand independent freight companies.

Servicing Traders and companies to/from Iraq and Kurdistan Region of Iraq for all the international markets offering wide and varied freight services. Oula Al-Nuha transports Crude oil, LPG, petroleum Products and general freight maintaining the highest level of security in the process.

Oula Al Nuha prides itself in honest, reliable and excellent customer service, treating each customer and freight haul with the highest level of attention, professionalism and confidentiality. Each and every cargo is treated with utmost care and arrives at destination on time and in perfect condition.

Providing 24/7 service, Company’s fleet includes the latest shipping, trucking and trailer equipment kept in pristine condition, professionally cleaned and mechanically serviced weekly.


 Bedyal Petroleum

Previously known as Harir Oil Storage, Bedyal Petroleum is located adjacent to Kar Group refinery at Kalak District of Erbil/Iraq – just 15 kilometers from the Kurdistan region capital entrances. Bedyal Petroleum occupies an area of 550,000 m². The facility has a storage capacity of 100 million liters of petroleum products and it’s expansion plan is underway. The facility benefits from a state of the art laboratory built within its premises. This is used for product analysis to ensure quality compliance as the depot’s quality policy mandates. Two weight bridges are installed within the Bedyal Petroleum premises which are regularly calibrated by qualified third-party agencies. And last but not least, parking space for +300 trucks is available at BP.

Bedyal Petroleum is built in compliance with all KRG ministerial regulations. Additionally, applicable international standards have been adhered to as well, such as;

  • 25% green area
  • installation of Rescue and Fire Fighting equipment
  • Paved roads and parking lots and much more

Bedyal Petroleum has put in place a firm HSE management system. The depot’s policy reaffirms importance and adherence to the institutionalized safety and security measures, which are devised, advised and enforced by capable and qualified personnel in charge.


Bhzad Oil

Oil and Gas Storages

This facility is planned to be the biggest of all three of Oula Al-Nuha’s with a storage capacity of 100,000,000 liters of crude and refined products. A parking space accommodating 500 trucks, a cutting-edge laboratory, fully automatic weigh bridges, an asphalt factory and an acid sulfuric production plant are all planned to be part of the complex. So far, foundational and design works have been partially completed and next phases await further financing.