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With growing global economy ,infrastructure building has become a top strategic priority for many administrations including in emerging economies.this has led to a surge in demand for high quality bitumen in many markets, primarily to use for building new roads.

With plenty available resources, Majd Al Iraq is aiming to fill a gap in demand that exists in the current global bitumen market by supplying high quality bitumen of different grades and specification.

understanding and meeting market need is what drives our efforts and sanctification of our clients is what we aspire to achieve.

Expansion and extension of our global reach beyond limits is our vision and we continually strategize  facilitate and accelerate supply and delivery.this has led us to take an all-in-one service approach whereby commodity is produced,tested, package and ready for delivery all within our facilities.

Domestic Sales
Majd Al Iraq bitumen and barrel manufacturing plant is situated in Erbil,Kurdistan region, north of Iraq. Majd Al Iraq produces 1500 metric tones of bitumen per day and we supply our bitumen products to the Iraqi domestic market, including the Kurdistan region. We are ready to take orders from prospect domestic buyers and guarantee excellent quality.
our barrel production capacity is 240,000 units per month and our domestic supplies to Iraqi buyers come in bulk and steel barrel packaging. We take per orders and ensure duly supply.

All our domestic supplies carry the Majd Al Iraq trade mark.


Global Sales

supply of high-quality bitumen products to the global market is the main Majd Al Iraq operation. The high demand for high-quality bitumen is the driver of our success.

Majd Al Iraq produces bitumen grades and specs based on global market demand. We do not recognize global reach limits and supply to all locations worldwide.

Our global sales come in bulk and steel barrel packaging


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