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About Us

Hajar Group consists of many companies engaged in a variety of activity domains. We deliver services in civil works, immigration, petroleum, technology, transportation, general trading, food production, environmental protection and a host of other areas. For Hajar Group the market share rests above all other key performance indicators and customer satisfaction is our ultimate objective. In meeting this objective our workforce has been our success key.
In delivering services Hajar Group relies on its skilled personnel. Our staff deliver their best under the guidance of company preset ethical and commercial principles. In dealing with any counterparty our guiding precepts are professionalism, mutual interest, mutual respect and transparency. All Hajar Group partnerships are shaped and nurtured based on these fundamentals and we always welcome new partners who adhere to the same.
Hajar Group partnerships are formed as a result of our passion for partaking in well-studied business projects. Apportioning our resources and investing in new areas has been our business strategy, which has led to our uninterrupted growth. Confiding in the same approach we are always ready to appreciate new ideas and calculated business opportunities.